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“Exactly what I was after. Extremely informative and interactive. I learnt more in a day than I thought was possible- and I’ve already seen the ongoing results from my staff who did the course 3 years ago.”

- Nick James, Cronulla

As the demand for quality digital images increases, in print and online, so do the costs many businesses face securing them from external suppliers. Simply sending a staff member out with a camera but no training often leads to poor results and reduced productivity- in short, wasted time and money.

And why invest in equipment, images or technology if you haven’t invested in using them to their fullest?

The Photography Essentials for Businesses Course

Our photography courses close the gap, equipping your staff with a range of skills, tailored to your organisation’s needs. If you’re time-poor, start where most of our clients do- with our flagship course.

It’s a comprehensive, hands-on (and fun!) one-day workshop to help anyone who uses digital photos at work recognise what makes a good picture, take better shots, and get the message across compellingly.

Don’t be distracted by the fun part- this professional course is designed to deliver practical and lasting results, inject authenticity into the images your organisation uses, and ensure you get the best bang for your training buck.

Who are the courses for?

We’ve trained everyone from the top staff at major companies to sole traders. Government agencies to not-for-profits.

In roles ranging from marketing directors to farmers, media managers to technicians, events planners to research scientists, web designers to graphic designers, geologists to librarians to veterinarians!

In short, anyone who needs to skill up in the rapidly-expanding world of digital photography. Whatever ability level, whatever they’re shooting- or shooting with.

And any organisation that needs to promote its work with images that tell the story, make the case- and inspire.

We also work with businesses throughout Australia. So whether you’re in Sydney or Wagga Wagga, Orange or Tamworth, Wollongong or Wollongbar, we’ve got you covered.

Even if you’re just looking for a unique, team-building experience for your staff or customers- led by a Lonely Planet travel photographer.

What do we cover?

Sure we’ll cover the tech-ey stuff: f-stops and shutter speeds, ISO and white balance, the works. The building blocks are important, and we’ll clear up the mystery (or fear!) around them.

But instead of jargon, we’ll concentrate on the practical meat and potatoes of becoming a better photographer: getting to know your camera- and your subject, and how to use light, composition, your head, heart, and feet- to take great pictures, consistently.

And we’ll make sure it sticks. That you get results.

After the course participants complete a post-training activity that reinforces key skills- including importantly, evaluating and recognising quality images. If required, it also allows managers to confirm specific work-related competencies.

What happens on the day?

We’ll ensure the content and exercises are relevant, targeted and tailored to the specific job roles and performance requirements of your staff.

They’ll bring their cameras and manuals, together with their problems and questions! We’ll “play” through these, enabling participants to learn practical techniques, with credibility and real value to them and the organisation.

Small groups allow hands-on, individual feedback for each participant. And the instant feedback nature of digital photography allows them to quickly refine the skills covered.

It appeals to various learning styles, and is experiential, delivered using actual photographic/work scenarios, and a wide variety of visuals, situations and contexts. With critical time built in for questions and actual practice throughout, they’ll leave confident they’re getting the best results possible.

What else is included?

A full workbook and detailed notes, support and resources for pre and post-course exercises, and assessments and critique of work undertaken.

Participants will also leave with their own portfolio of pictures from the day as a reminder of key concepts and techniques.

Why choose us?

Your photography is our passion. So whatever your organisation is looking for, we’ll talk first with you to see what you’d like to achieve, and what kind of training is appropriate for your needs. And we’ll make sure you see the results good images can bring to your business.

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”

– Ansel Adams

Case Study

“Trade and Investment NSW needed their people to be skilled in digital photography so they could take pictures that tell the story of the Department’s work. In small, targeted group courses, I’ve delivered training to more than 500 people throughout the state in the past 5 years. I’ve truly enjoyed working with all of them, and their results have been showcased at successful photography competitions and exhibitions led by course participants, and in publications across Australia. It’s been a joy to watch them blossom as photographers, and to help them meet their needs for images that tell the story, make the case- and inspire.”

If you’d like to hear how we can help you with your photography needs, drop us a line.

Communicate. Connect. Inspire.

Photography training that shows you how.