Courses for You

As a wise man once said, “buying a camera doesn’t make you a photographer- it makes you a camera owner.”

So why invest in a camera if you haven’t invested in learning how to use it?

Who are the courses for?

Have you ever fallen in love with a photo but couldn’t work out how it was done? Wondered how to take portraits of your family and friends that really captured them? Or puzzled over that weird little button on your camera that you never dare touch? (Don’t worry, it’s not a self-destruct button.)

Then our courses are for you!

Absolute beginner? No time to commit to a 3-8 week program? Leaving for a trip and just want some pointers from a Lonely Planet travel photographer?

Whatever level you’re at, whatever you’re taking pictures of, and whatever you’re shooting with, from SLRs to compacts to smartphones to yes, film- we’ve got you covered.

We also train throughout Australia. So whether you’re in Sydney or Wagga Wagga, Orange or Tamworth, Wollongong or Wollongbar, we can organise a course for you.

Whether it’s our flagship one-day workshops or in-the-field training, group programs or one-on-one tutoring, you’ll see the world through our courses- and walk out with the tools to photograph it yourself.

What will I learn?

Sure we’ll cover the tech-ey stuff: f-stops and shutter speeds, ISO and white balance, the works. The building blocks are important, and we’ll clear up the mystery (or fear!) around them.

But instead of jargon, we’ll concentrate on the practical meat and potatoes of becoming a better photographer: getting to know your camera- and your subject, and how to use light, composition, your head, heart, and feet- to take great pictures, consistently.

And we’ll make sure it sticks. That you get results. With exercises both before and after courses you’ll have the chance to practice and ingrain it, to make sure what you learn shows in your pictures afterwards.

What happens on the day?

Fun! Bring your camera and manual, together with your problems and questions! We’ll “play” through them, enabling you to learn practical techniques, relevant to you.

Small groups allow hands-on, individual feedback for each participant. And the instant feedback nature of digital photography allows you to quickly refine the skills covered.

Core to the learning process is our demonstration and mastery technique. This is how it works:

Watch me do it – We provide theory on techniques and camera functionality showing good and bad examples, utilising a wide variety of visuals, situations and contexts.

Do it slow – We demonstrate the photographic technique slowly, explaining and illustrating the process and concepts, providing tips and tricks.

Do it with me – You then take your own photos using skills covered. Feedback is provided, with an eye towards your particular needs, checking in regularly that you understand.

Off you go – You practice the skills, utilising a variety of angles and composition, exposures and lighting. With plenty of time for questions throughout, you’ll leave confident you’re getting the best results possible.

One-on-one sessions are also available if you’d like to accelerate your learning or work through a particular issue. Or as a very personalised photographic gift for someone special to you!

What else is included?

Just about everything! Most courses include detailed notes or a full workbook, support and resources offered in post-course exercises, a personal assessment and critique of your work, and advice on gear, shopping- or travel!

You’ll also leave with your own portfolio of pictures from the day as a reminder of what you learned.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

- Ansel Adams

Why choose us?

Your photography is our passion. So whatever you’re looking for, we’ll talk first with you to see what you’d like to achieve, and what kind of training is right for you.

Want a workshop for a group of friends or family? Like to maximise your time and concentrate on a specific subject? Private workshops can be customised to your wishes.

And whether it’s a one-on-one session or a group course, we’ll tailor it to your- or your group’s- needs. And make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’d like to hear how we can help you with your photography needs, drop us a line.

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